English translation of. Holy Akaranga Sutra. English translation by Hermann Jacobi taken from Contents: Introduction. Akaranga Sutra: First Book: 1. Knowledge of the weapon. 2. Conquest of the world. 3. Hot and cold. 4. Righteousness. 5. Essence of the. Gaina Sutras, Part I – The Akaranga Sutra, The Kalpa Sutra [transl; F. Max Muller Hermann Jacobi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Moreover he who uses water which is not strained takes away what has not been given i. The Acharanga Sutra is the oldest agam, from a linguistic point of view, written in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit.

Some, being seduced from the calmness of the mind, adopt rough manners. This is the statement, this is the reason, this is the order, that he should not stand in the other mendicant’s sight or opposite the door.

A mendicant may exert himself, or stand or sit or lie in a burying-place or in an empty house or in a mountain cave or in a potter’s workshop. Luring him thus by his sensuality she says: This road to happiness has been declared by the noble ones, that a clever man should not be defiled by sin.

Quality is the seat of the root, and the seat of the root is quality [1]. He who understands the akxranga of sin, is a mendicant who knows the time, the strength, the sutda, the occasion, the conduct, the religious precept; he disowns all things not requisite for religious purposes, in time exerts himself, is under no obligations; he proceeds securely on the road to final liberation after having cut off both love and hate ‘.


For this a man is longing when he destroys this body of a plant by bad and injurious doings, and many other beings, besides, which he hurts by means of plants, through his doing acts relating to plants.

Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost. A monk or a nun, having received a more than sufficient quantity of food, might reject the superfluous part without having considered or consulted fellow-ascetics living in the neighbourhood, wutra follow the same rules of conduct, are agreeable and not to be shunned; as this would be sinful, they should not do so.

Acharanga Sutra

This certainly has been declared by the sage [1]. Of the details of Mahavira’s life, mentioned in the canonical books, his rivalry with, and victory over Gosala, the son of Makkhali, and lastly, the place of his death, the small town Papa, deserve to be noticed.

Those who are akarahga from attachment to the world and its pleasuresreach the opposite shore. Beings are filled with alarm from all directions and in all directions- See! Then, -at another time, his heirs divide it, or those who have no living steal it, or the king takes it away, or it is ruined in some way or other, or it is consumed by the conflagration of the house.

Therefore the second i. When a monk or a nun on a begging-tour finds water used for washing sesamum, chaff or barley, or rainwater or sour gruel or pure water, they should, after consideration, say to the householder or his wife: The Brahmanic akarznga was their model, from which they sutfa many important practices and institutions of ascetic life.

Himself understanding the truth and restraining the impulses for the purification of the soul, finally liberated, and free from delusion, the Venerable One was well guarded during his whole life. Whatever different seats and couches have been told, whatever have been used by the great Hero, these resting-places are thus detailed.


He who correctly possesses these sensual perceptionsviz. But if the lodgings, viz.

Acharanga Sutra – Wikipedia

As it would be unto thee, so it is with him whom thou intendest to torment. Now follows the third rule for begging food. Knowing what the Revered One has declared, one should thoroughly and in all respects conform to it. Now follows the seventh rule for begging food. Now on comparing the Gaina Prakrit especially in the oldest form attainable with the Pali on one side, and the Prakrit of Hala, Setubandha, on the other, it will appear to approach more the Pali than the later Prakrit.

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Knowing and renouncing severally and singly the actions against living beings, in the regions above, a,aranga, and on the surface, everywhere and in all ways-a wise man neither gives pain to these bodies, nor orders others to do so, nor assents to their doing so. He should not kill, nor cause others to kill, nor consent to the killing of others.

As the interior of the body is loathsomeso is the exterior; as the exterior, so is the interior. Dropsy and dumbness, look!


This article needs additional citations for verification. For after Bhadrabahu, only ten out of the fourteen Purvas were known. Thou art thy own friend; why wishest thou for a friend beyond thyself?