Blood Trinity: Book 1 in Belador Series [SHERRILYN KENYON: DIANNA LOVE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paranormal romance. Editorial Reviews. Review. ” new Belador series explodes onto the urban fantasy scene with Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador Series (Beladors) by [ Kenyon, . Sherrilyn Kenyon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of several. Find out more about Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more.

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I will move on in the series and this is a great book for Urban Fantasy lovers — that want to 86 the romance. The blurb for the Belador series intrigued me mainly because–blasphemy! They are protective of her like big brothers, often scolding her for taking chances and not asking for help.

Even later when the situation is resolved. Atlanta has become the battlefield between humans and demons.

Blood Trinity (Belador, #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Another reviewer mentioned Buffy the Vampire I have not actually finished the book, I’m just done with it. Man, that stench gave the demon a bpood for his money in the stink department. Sweat trickled beneath her top to streak down the naked skin on her back and soak the top of her jeans.


Hserrilyn gets worse she is accused of something that is against her strict rules with the Beladors. I loved the relationship between the heroine, Evalle and her fellow warriors, Quinn and Tzader silent T. The latest one I have read was Blood Trinity. The body in the morgue gets a lot of things rolling and it’s just kind of nonchalantly wrapped up in a couple of sentences near the end of the book.

Get back to you in a minute, Tzader. Besides, as a VIPER agent, she was expected to do whatever it took to protect the humans from predators.

Overall a great start to a new series, full of action as the Beladors and rival group the Kujoos hunt for an object of immense power with enough romance to balance it out.

Was someone intentionally trying to make the killing appear as though an Alterant had attacked the woman? It can bring great change or destruction if left unchecked, so agents including Evalle are sent out to find it. I think that can fit into anyones day to day life.

He slowly lifted his head. Brina was the counterpart to Sen, since they were both in liaison positions, but with one difference.

Blood Trinity

What was wrong with him? Fan Run International Sites: She’s strong and gutsy and just plain amazing. Off Peters on the south side of Atlanta. Evalle, sherrilgn mutt Alterant half Belador, half? Her boss, Sen, hates her for what she is and would love to have her locked up too. Which one had ripped into a human tonight … Or had they?


I always read a first sherrlyn in a series with anticipation because in the back of my mind as I read I make my little list of cool side characters that might be featured in future books. The clock is ticking and Atlanta is about to catch fire. His eyes glowed white hot.

Calling her a half breed mutt. A one day read from SK that I thoroughly enjoyed Fuck, put Trihity on the cover next time so the rest of us get some warning. There were a lot of players involved but instead of being messy this really worked in the books favour, further fleshing out the world. Because I started with a later book in the series, I sort of cheated, but the two make an awesome pair.