Breve História de Quase Tudo (Em Portuguese do Brasil) [Bill Bryson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ao constatar que ignorava o . Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Author: Sidney Miranda, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Length: pages, Page: Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Author: echizen, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Length: pages, Page:

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This is a great big-picture book. The 14 participants under his leadership were to establish three permanent stations from which the thickness of the Se ice sheet could be measured and year-round Arctic weather observations made.

A Short History of Nearly Everything – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

This just makes it feel you’re on this big, long journey with Bryson and his guests as tour guides. This brevs one of the occasions I should have shaved a decade off of my stubbornness and caved in right away.

This is fabulously effective at giving the names some context, not to mention a little personality. I can barely comprehend how much time and effort went into research. View all 5 comments. It’s obvious that he did a lot of research, but it’s also obvious that these things fascinated him, and he grabs the reader’s hand and runs headlong into the unexplored.

However, as with everything that us humans put our hands on, this endeavor wasn’t perfect. Taking as territory everything from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization, Bryson seeks to understand how we got from there being nothing at all to there being us.


He says that all living creatures contain hox genes; he omits Alexander Friedmann and George Gamow from his description of how the Big Bang theory was developed; when talking about Darwin and Paley, he doesn’t seem to be aware that Natural Theology was one of Darwin’s favorite books and had a huge influence on him. The organizational structure is a wonderful series of loosely connected cameos covering several essential and enlightened discoveries of man.

This is fabulously effective at giving the names some context, not to mention a little personality. He was so grateful, so very very pleased.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

It’s quwse, factually apt and fluent in its composure. Detalhes do produto Capa comum: So far, this book shows its date by providing currently inaccurate data; I also did not realize the author would assume zero scientific knowledge on the part of the reader View all 21 comments.

This sobering reality makes one a bit more respectful of current efforts to save endangered species. Very different from todays notion of A fascinating history of science. Se all the chaos that has besieged our planet, it becomes soberingly clear by the book’s end that we humans—or any life for that matter—are incredibly lucky to be here.

Overall, it is a clear and as easy to follow popular science book and quite entertaining too. This is sort of a general overview of different scientific fields that at times seems to talk about everything other than actual science. I listened to this on CD tufo by the author, and if you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you’ll know that I have a brain crush on Bryson and his narration.

Entanglement says that measuring a particle in one place can instantly affect a particle somewhere else.


We can thus afford to be physically vulnerable. This is a weighty book – pages – but Bryson’s not joking. Like Water for Chocolate: The book covers almost all branches of science, Space, Earth, Environmental, Life, Chemistry and Physics introducing us to the pioneers of each field.

Books by Bill Bryson. View all 11 comments. Not much I can say, some information was a bit dated since this was first published in and science moves really fast, but other than that this has lived up to the title.

How naked we are in the path of an asteroid belt, and how microscopic is our knowledge of them. These are just stops along the enlightenment highway that Bill Bryson has paved!

I am delighted that you could make it. View all 27 comments.

Okay, so here’s my Bill Dde story. So the guy immediately asked me if I’d sign two of his books, and before I could say “Come on mate, I’m not actually American, can’t you bleedin well tell? He meets with a wonderful cast of men and women to highlight the personalities behind the stories of discovery. After sharing various stories of how humans have killed off who-knows-how-many species, Bryson interjects: Talk about a monstrous temper tantrum.

As one scientist in the text states. Extraneous details are filtered out, and mysteries left brwve, yet it somehow feels complete. He just lost all respect from me.