Two famous, firsthand accounts of the holy war in the Middle Ages translated by Margaret R. B. Shaw Originally composed in Old French, the two chronicles. Composed by soldiers who fought in the Holy Wars, these two famous French chronicles are among the most important portrayals of both the dark and light side. Jean de Joinville (c. May 1, – 24 December ) was one of the great chroniclers of medieval France. He is most famous for writing the Life of Saint Louis, a biography of Louis IX of France that chronicled the Seventh Crusade. . In Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles. Juliana Dresvina and.

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Joinville’s piece on the 7th crusade DID deal more with the fighting aspect. Return to Book Page.

Aug 30, Pages. Originally I skimmed through this book almost a decade ago in preparation for my Senior History Oral Exam and only focused on the overall theme questions listed in my study guide at the time. The abbot went up to the knight and told him he had acted most oc.

Hollywood movies be damned; it doesn’t get any closer to being there during a joinvllle then this book of collected journals from the 4th, 6th and 7th crusades.

Vintage Novels: Chronicles of the Crusades by Joinville and Villehardouin

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I liked Villehardouin’s account more because it was more factual and to the point. If restoring Jerusalem to Christian rule was the goal of these Crusades, nothing much gets accomplished here. In that case you must have a massive library of books you will probably never use again.

Joinville has nice little bits about practical jokes in camp, and these weird stones that have stone fish inside; but mostly he’s describing the chaos of the feudal world at war. This Norman nobleman was one of the finest travel writers in history, with a penchant for telling detail and vivid depiction — even though he was illiterate and dictated his book. It makes for a hugely fascinating accounteven when it’s a bit garbled in terms of its narrative.


For Joinville, Louis IX embodies the ideal prud’homme – pious, courageous, kind, intelligent and wise, a man who defends the Christian faith by his courage. It provides a powerful, personal insight into the brutal battles and the fascinating travels of one nobleman, fighting in the Sixth and Seventh Crusades.

The knight retorted that the abbot had been guilty of even greater folly in calling people together for such a conference, because there were many good Christians there who, before the discussion ended, would have gone away with doubts about their own religion through not fully understanding the Jews.

At the time joinvjlle the crusade, Joinville placed himself in the service of the king and became his counsellor and confidant.

Jean de Joinville – Wikipedia

Thus we have an incomparable clarity about the ways of thinking of a 13th-century man. Victory and its Cgronicles 9. I much preferred Joinville’s warmly human account to Villehardouin’s war-correspondent style.

Delays and Disappointments 5. On the contrary, Joinville’s Louis can only shine if he shows how very dark the surroundings were.

Jean De Joinville and his Biography of Saint Louis on the Seventh Crusade

And, a belated separate search also found Thomas Smith’s translation, The chronicle of Geoffry de Villehardouin Suazo A subset of Alexandrian scholarship which has garnered long-held fascination does not center upon a success, but rather a failure: Villehardouin’s accounting of the Fourth Crusade falls solidly into the category of truth-is-way-crazier-than-fiction stories.

The French in Captivity Pope Innocent III, who initiated the campaign, was significantly annoyed with the Crusaders, whom he viewed as responsible for making the breach between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Joinville permanent.

He would watch us I think I might have a new favourite primary source historian in John de Joinville. Preparations for a Crusade 3. He disapproves of the king’s emotional neglect of his wife and children. Appeal to Arms They read like dictation and tend to be a bit repetitive at times.

Feb 26, Th rated it really liked it. Joinville disclosed the hypocrisy of most Crusaders, unknowingly in some instances, and openly in others When Constaninople falls, the French divvy up the various territories, and most of the new ru Going on a crusade never seemed like a very good idea to me, and reading these firsthand accounts of the 4th and 7th crusades reinforced my opinion. Most likely the spread and evolution of romantic literature influenced Joinville’s style of being more down-to-earth and slightly easier to read when compared to Geoffrey of Villehardouin, who was more matter-of-fact and somewhat “stiff.


On Joknville 14th,just one week before he was assassinated, Malcolm X delivered a speech in Detroit. Speeches are very important among Louis’ court. In addition, as a narrative it wandered aimlessly which made it very difficult to understand where events occurred, what order they occurred in and what the motivations were for the people involved. That’s why the Abbot of Vaux condemned the sack of Constantinople but didn’t have any qualms helping to suppress the extremist Albigensian heretics.

I hope you do jump in and read one of the translations soon how strange that there should be so many of them; most crusade histories are rare as hen’s teeth; the only translation of William of Tyre, for instance, is long out of print! Jun 17, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: These are modernized transcriptions with systematic renovation of the language, from one older manuscript and the Brussels manuscript. His uncle Geoffroy had so distinguished himself in fact, that a poem was written praising his courage, after his death in Syria in Now that you mention him, I’m tempted to say there’s a certain perceptible kinship between Joinville and Sir Nigel!

Sep 16, Jared rated it really liked it. It’s remarkable that in a work laudatory of King Louis, he didn’t omit some of the more human foibles, including an observation that the king had rhe mentioned his wife and children in the course of five years: Operations on the Nile 7.

Jean de Joinville

Jean de Joinville was a thirteenth-century medieval French chronicler. Composed cyronicles soldiers who fought in the Holy Wars, these two famous French chronicles are among the most important portrayals of both the dark and light side of the two hundred year struggle for possession of Jerusalem.

Investigating Discord in the Court of Alexander the Great.