July 22, M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) PN. Doble M User Guide. July 6, | Author: Pablo Toro Lopez | Category: Computer Keyboard, Frequency Modulation, Electromagnetic Interference. GMT Doble Test. Procedures – Richmond. Community College -. Doble M User Guide. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed.

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When the M Insulation Analyzer is permanently housed in a vehicle, the M Insulation Analyzer ground should be bounded to the vehicle chassis, which in turn is grounded. Advanced Configuration July 22, Figure 2. The optimum current range is selected automatically unless the operator manually specifies a range. A display like that shown in Figure 4. First, run your tests and fill in the rows with the results.

The unit has been hardened to electrostatic discharge ESD and radio frequency interference RFI mznual reduce or eliminate their effects on internal electronic circuits. Front Panel Figure 1.

Doble M4000 User Guide

Serves to discourage user from artificially holding safety switch down for the duration of several tests. Select again to restore it. The cable may be suspended or tied off in such a way as to avoid handling. If it is faulty, replace it. You may enter a one letter rating G.

The first test is run at a frequency of 57 Hz and the second test is run at 63 Hz. This is especially important in the case of potential transformers. Except for special certification requirements, usually reserved for testing at Uaer Power Plants, the reference check and calibration made possible by the M should be more than adequate to assure accurate data.

Short circuiting the two grounds together dpble create a hazardous condition if the ground connection is inadvertently interrupted. For transformers, use the top oil temperature. In the Clipboard mode, each row of test data contains the Test Conditions information.

The M Instrument is ready for connecting the cables. The M can be configured to require both switches to be opened between test sequences for the M Insulation Analyzer to operate. The license agreement and documentation dkble in the Documentation bag.


This portable test set incorporates automated Doble Testing with high accuracy and sensitivity, over a wide range of values, and with minimal susceptibility to electrostatic interference and noise.

Make sure capacitor stacks are discharged before you come into contact with them. Once you have pressed F5 to save the reversal results, the line s that contain both Normal and Reversal data will be check-marked in the CR column. It outlines the resources available for diagnosis of problems and points to specific information in this chapter, or to the Mc Controller manual. Do you want to replace it?

OSHA, may also apply.

If unauthorized personnel should enter the area, or if some other undesirable situation should develop, the Extension Safety Switch operator should release the switch immediately, and then notify the M Insulation Analyzer operator. These terms apply only to the testing function of the individuals and not to their professional status, seniority, or positions within their company’s structure or personnel hierarchy. If a Clipboard file is saved, it can be retrieved by clicking on this icon, pressing F9, or selecting Open from the File pull-down menu.

July 22, Neither unit has been dropped recently or otherwise undergone rough treatment. If the fixture needs replacing, temporarily operate the instrument without a strobe: The telephone plug must be removed or the capacitor current and losses will be included in the measurement. The necessary current and voltage cables are provided for connection to the transformer, along with the necessary software, so that this becomes a self-contained kit for this test.

Doble M User Guide – Free Download PDF

Graph the selected clipboard results 72A Rev. If a portable generator is being used to power the M, stabilize its output frequency by adding a load, such as a space heater, to load the generator. Both options are available on the File pull-down menu. While some radio-noise meters use a diode-noise generator to produce reference signals, it is also feasible to use a radio receiver in conjunction with a standard signal generator. For additional protection, it is recommended that the terminals of individual cells be discharged before personnel come in mannual with them.


It also contains a variac so that the proper test voltage can be obtained.

Safety Precautions for Various Types of Apparatus After the tests are completed, all test leads should be disconnected first from the equipment terminals and brought down to ground level before they are disconnected from the M Instrument. This will disable the icons.

Atec Doble-M4100 User Manual

Icon Description Open M data file. Do not yank at a Low Voltage Test Lead to disconnect its outboard clip, and do not yank any lead from its instrument connection. Never hold the High Voltage cable during a test. Place the Mc Controller Support frame into the tubes provided on the M Transport bottom plate, near the M Instrument rubber feet.

Carefully lay the M Transport down on its back on a level surface. Make sure the M is turned on. July 22, 2. The safety strobe is enabled and required to be connected when running a test by default. In the event there is a failure of the strobe bulb or cable, this should be disabled so as to be able to continue testing without it. Resonator chassis ground connected to test ground through cable shield or external test ground lead. If not, mnual is necessary to enter data in each field.

To avoid unintended measurements, connect only the low voltage lead s to be used for the next text. Ensure that the High Voltage Cable is fully inserted and latched into the receptacle. During operation, an audible beep is heard whenever high voltage is being applied.

Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, MA Usser Doble pays to ship replacement components to customers under warranty, and customers are responsible for payment of shipping costs for returns.