Writers: Marlen Haushofer (novel), Julian Pölsler (as Julian Roman Pölsler) Photos. Martina Gedeck in Die Wand () · See all 20 photos». Edit. In “The Wall”, Die Wand, a woman in Austria is isolated from the rest of the world. .. Rezension auch hier ==> Marlen Haushofer – Die Wand | AnjaIsReading. Haushofer’s novel begins arrestingly. The wall of the title is never explained . The nameless, first-person narrator occasionally anticipates the arrival of the.

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Complete review here at Word by Word.

The Wall ( drama film) – Wikipedia

It made me think of the kind of beautiful person she must have been. She can see through the barrier to the world outside, but there is no way through the wall. Een fascinerend boek wat ik even moest laten bezinken, en het blijft nog steeds door mijn hoofd spoken. The set-up is simple enough: She loses sight of the dog but when she finds him again, the dog is acting confused and will not start walking again.

Dieses Buch hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

So, once a book reaches the next room, it almost always stays there. Die Frau muss sich nun darauf einstellen, allein mit dem Hund zurechtzukommen.


They’ll never give it to you, gaushofer know. These are more idle thoughts than a well-formed review, but to summarize, if you live a life with the horrifying clarity of depression, this is the best consolation prize I’ve ever found.

The Wall (novel) – Wikipedia

German Film Awards Not even a hint. It is about the relationship between humans and animals and the environment. De strijd van de naamloze vrouw tegen de elementen, de wanx om het bestaan, om te overleven wordt afgewisseld met filosofische bespiegelingen zoals hier over de tijd: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I was unable to put it down, and read it obsessively over the course of a week. She must provide shelter and food for Bella, engaging in heavy physical labour diie she carries out such tasks.

Marlen Haushofer

Sollte es ein einfacher Roman sein? So, I went and got the book dif started reading it last week. Next Post Next Victor Pelevin: Sometimes I succeed, but generally we both sink into hopeless silence. All the same, life could have been lived differently.

Marlen Haushofer: Die Wand (The Wall)

I could have coped much more easily with a momentary insanity than with this terrible, invisible thing. The wall stands as a monument to this faithlessness, and the woman’s reaction to it is one of resigned, unsurprised acceptance as opposed to shocked outrage.

All my cats have had a habit of walking around their bowls after eating and then dragging them along the floor. For companionship, she has the hosts’ pet dog and several other cattle and cats; she continues to live to care for them for several years.


I think that those who loved The Bell Jar in haushoofer would find this to be the continuation of inescapable honesty that the life-long depresseive remains married to through the years. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In October the woman returns from the pasture and begins writing her report again.

I too had learned a lot more, and understood almost all his movements and noises. I knew that haushoefr voice-over narration was lifted nearly verbatim from the text, and so I knew I had to read it properly.

Assuming her isolation to be the result of a military experiment gone awry, she begins the terrifying work of survival and self-renewal. Something Happens, and a middle-aged woman is suddenly, as far as she can tell, the last human being on Earth, waking up in a friend’s hunting lodge up in the decidedly Julie Andrews-less Austrian alps, and finding an invisible wall all around the area she’s in.