Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Jatco JFE (09A) applications. Hello,just joined up how you doin? I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A (jatco je trans) Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have. On the 09A or JFE, the common problem with those when that happens, Audi A3 year , jatco 5 Speed – AUQ with kw – ps.

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Would a bad sensor only fail at low speeds? If it works thats great, just keep driving it iatco make sure it doesnt start to slip again.

VW 09A Transmission

Does the speedo quit when this happens? Regardless, I think the code appears the moment I put it in gear. In my opinion, im still going with a cracked high clutch piston. July 12th, You’ll have access to the filter while your matco there. If you dont know, then clear the code and drive it again. Last edited by CoolAirVw; July 23rd, at This one could get a guy in alot of trouble if the clutch drums moved out and you didn’t get them all the way back in.

I swapped out the ignition switch, the relay, and the auto trans park relay. Here’s a close up of the sensor. You will have to scan the TCM to be able to answer those questions. Originally Posted by DrYankee Hello,just joined up how you doin?


Something else worth noting: Log in or Sign up Close Panel. Probably would be a good idea to change the fluid temp sensor and the G and G also. April 27th, There were indeed not all three gear always broken with jarco same error. 09w can look it up if you cant, just need year, make and model. Find More Posts by bluesmoker. Send a private message to bluesmoker. Contact Us Jtaco Top. Below is a pic after I lifted 09 the differential.

With high pressure you will get rough shifts.

I should first note that it had a bunch of electrical problems like: Originally Posted by tochtli I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A jatco je trans Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have not seen or read about during my search which led me here or my experience with this trans I am a Landrover Technician and this trans is in the Freelander I have a code P output speed sensor no signal,I have taken the ohm readings and resistance is off the chart,sensor is in the differential on the INSIDE of transmission VW sells the sensor but will not service uatco.

Air mass meter is new! To answer this, you will have to provide a scan of the TCM when your transmisison isn’t working properly. I jato thinking more of a software problem?

You will need to lift off the differential, but it will sit right back down, in it’s bearing, without any problems. Its not a teardown procedure but you might find it of some use.


If the Automatic TCU unit reset it works perfect for 1 week. Anyway, after doing all the electrical work, I then did the timing belt on it, as it was waaay past due.

Granbury, Texas TDI s: April 26th, Again, the car ran great with no problems codesbut there were notable rough shifts from 1st to second when cold.

This one might even be changeable in the car, but I’ve never had opportunity to try. Last edited by CoolAirVw; July 24th, at If you’re jatci on the pedal, it will shift easily thru all the gears. When you first start the car, it studders for a few seconds, and then clears up.

The drum that houses the piston is right behind the back cover. She was in for something completely different, but electronic as well.

VW 09A Transmission | eBay

Send me 0a9 email at pruzink charter. You also want to replace the wire harness. When TCM detects an issue not all issuesit goes into limp mode and high pressure is applied. If your going to do this yourself be careful with the clutch i believe there are 2 different thickness on the high clutch. The output speed sensor g68 is the one under the gear.