The M is an ultra light howitzer designed and manufactured by BAE Systems. M is a mm 39 calibre towed gun which, through. TM &P, ACTIVE, 09/30/, Interactive electronic technical manual FIELD MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR HOWITZER, MEDIUM, TOWED, M The M training man- ual, TM , states the MA2 howitzer, with its hydraulically operated breach and hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanism, is .

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Barrow-in-Furness manufacture the upper cradle as well as the suspension and running gear. A derivative of the M49 firing mechanism is mounted howwitzer the primer feed mechanism. This requirement has now lapsed but details are provided in the self-propelled gun and howitzers wheeled section as the prototype still exists. Home Articles products companies countries quantities museum contracts Denial of Guarantees and Rights Contact Russian.

Retrieved 4 January Since then an additional six weapons have been supplied which brings the total up to Posts – 2 Mezcal Armored Vehicles At the end of Phase 1 the system was awarded limited live crew clearance for the US.

The gun is already in high demand from nations worldwide, recognising the unique howigzer and capability of providing artillery support to early entry and rapid reaction forces. Australian Department of Defence. The M, which while under development was called the XM, m7777 replace the current mm M towed howitzer which weighs 7, kg. Posts – 3 joshtcohen The system has been tested from the M howitzer.

Excalibur can also be fired by other towed and self-propelled artillery systems with a modified fire control system.


United States Marine Corps portal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 21 December To keep the weight down, extensive use has been made of extruded titanium alloy fabrications, designed by Bowitzer Systems Land Systems, but subcontracted to other companies, as well as efficient structural design. Many of the 72 reported killed during the heaviest period of fighting were due to artillery fire from only two of these guns.

This company no longer has any involvement with the programme.

M777 howitzer

The cannon tube assembly includes the cannon tube, muzzle brake, howifzer eye, primer feed mechanism and screw breech. Retrieved 16 October This was the first operational deployment of the M M Portee System Self-propelled howitzer.

Amphibious trials were carried out successfully at Little Creek. No Tanks No Thanks: US Army looking towa Adunok-M Robot, Unmanned Vehicle. A revolutionary gun system meeting the demands of today’s security environment.

M howitzer – Wikipedia

Turangga Wheeled armoured personnel carrier. Towed configuration with the FMTV as the prime mover. Although the weapon was originally targeted at the US Army, the T, Marine Corps took the initiative as it was looking for a lightweight mm system to replace all current mm and mm towed artillery systems.

In the baseline model, a universal sight mount is fitted on the left side but provision is made for a second sight on the right side for customers requiring a two-sight system.

The mm M Howitzer is the core strategic artillery system of howutzer future, soon to become the NATO standard weapon in its class. This has a maximum range of 40 km and is accurate to 10 m. Anniston Army Depot begins M reset program The carriage comprises two sub-assemblies, the body and the saddle.


The Christian Science Monitor.

TM 9-1025-215-10 M777 Howitzer Operator’s Manual

The US Army was fully briefed on the system and agreed that if the company built a prototype of the system with its own money it would carry m77 a complete evaluation of the system. Retrieved 11 October Archived from the original PDF on 15 September In Maythe Canadian government ordered a further 25 Ms, bringing the total to Retrieved 6 October M in Logar ProvinceAfghanistan.

US, Canada partner to upgrade Canadian howitzer In the US military began fielding several j777 to its M howitzers including new liquid crystal display units, software updates, improved power systems, and muzzle sensors for onboard ballistic computing. Canadian soldiers fire an M at Taliban fighting positions from a forward operating base in the Helmand Province. Five hundred and eighty systems will be supplied to the Marines, and to the U.

Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Archived from the original on 22 June In the end the former was selected. This marked the longest operational shot in the history of the M howitzer, and the longest howitzsr artillery shot in history for the Marine Corps. Howiitzer first deliveries of MA2 began in late Retrieved 5 May